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Strawberry Diagnostic Key

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annual plasticulture
cropping system in which the plants are grown as winter annuals and harvested the following spring
complete chlorosis
yellow discoloration of the entire leaf
Bleached strawberry leaves

Complete Chlorosis

Brian E. Whipker  CC BY 4.0

cropping system
growing strawberry plants as an annual (on plastic) or a perennial (in a matted row)
green margin halo
interior of leaf turns yellow while the outside leaf margin remains green
interveinal chlorosis
yellow discoloration between the veins
Closer view of moderate interveinal chlorosis.

Moderate Interveinal Chlorosis

Brian E. Whipker  CC BY 4.0

marginal chlorosis
yellow discoloration along the leaf edge
dead tissue which is often brown to black in coloration
perennial matted row
cropping system in which the plants are planted in the spring of year 1 and harvested the following year's springs (year 2 and maybe year 3)
small, discolored (white/yellow/tan) spots over the leaves
tip burn
dead (brown or black) tissue long the leaf margin
white netted spots
white coloration along the veins which give the leaf a web-like pattern